NIMM Video Featuring Dr Mark Ferrar

With IT spend at an estimated 2.5% of the total NHS budget, Atos Healthcare ( ) hosted a seminar to discuss the benefits of the NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model™ (NIMM™). At which Dr Mark Ferrar, NHS Director of Infrastructure, Technology Office in the Department of Health Informatics Directorate, spoke about the importance of infrastructure in delivering 21st century healthcare. From the seminar, a video was developed with Mark talking about how NIMM™ has been developed specifically for the healthcare market, how it contributes to driving out inefficiencies, its importance in enabling dialogue with a business that focusses on return on investment and its role in ensuring infrastructure provides a solid bedrock on which to deliver line of business applications.

Click here to view the video.

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2 thoughts on “NIMM Video Featuring Dr Mark Ferrar

  1. Mark,

    I am bust looking at using NIMM at the PCT I currently work for and would be very interested in attending any similiar events in the future. What is the best way of finding out about these events?


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